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We ship with DHL and DHL Express. Our packaging is always NEUTRAL and discreet!

On request, we also ship NON-neutral and IN-discreet :) To do this, simply enter the comment "indiscreet" in the "Notes and wishes" section of your order.

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Frequently asked questions

Is CleanUrin legal?

Yes, it is legal to possess and carry CleanUrin.

Why are Screeny Weenys always slightly darker than normal skin colour?

Because a penis is darker when not erect.

What is the shelf life of CleanUrin and how is it stored?

  1. - CleanUrin (25ml) can be stored for at least 3 years in its original sealed and unrefrigerated packaging. The bag can be heated and cooled several times without any problems. After opening, the urine should be used quickly.
  2. - SScreen urine (80 ml) should be stored in the refrigerator with as little air contact as possible after opening. On reuse: Visual inspection, if the urine is cloudy or flakes are visible, it is rotten. If the screen urine meets all these criteria, it can be reused without hesitation.

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